Current & Upcoming Deals

Pricing Date* Deal DescriptionPar Amount*SCS RolePOS 
3/27/2019City of Sacramento (CA)
Wastewater Revenue Bonds, Series 2019
$27,075,000SoleMgrSeries 2019
3/25/2019Potter County (TX)
Certificates of Obligation, Series 2019
$54,000,000CoMgrSeries 2019
3/24-25/2019Pflugerville Independent School District (TX)
Unlimited Tax School Building Bonds, Series 2019A
Variable Rate Unlimited Tax School Building Bonds, Series 2019B
$250,000,000CoMgr2019A, 2019B
3/18/2019The Regents of the University of California
General Revenue Bonds
$119,335,000* 2019 Series BB
$34,960,000* 2019 Series BC (Taxable)
$500,000,000* 2019 Series BD (Taxable)
$654,295,000CoSrMgr2019 Series B
3/14/2019Dallas Area Rapid Transit (TX)
Senior Lien Sales Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds
Series 2019
3/14/2019School District of Pittsburgh (Allegheny County, PA)
General Obligation Bonds, Series of 2019
$36,745,000CoMgr2019 Series
3/14/2019State of California
General Obligation Bonds
$250,000,000* Various Purpose General Obligation Bonds
$2,050,000,000* Various Purpose General Obligation Refunding Bonds
3/4-6/2019The City of New York (NY)
General Obligation Bonds consisting of
$824,070,000*Fiscal 2019 Series E (Tax-Exempt)
$90,175,000* Fiscal 2019 Series F-1 (Tax-Exempt)
2/20/2019San Benito Consolidated ISD (TX)
Unlimited Tax School Building Bonds,
Series 2019
2/7/2019City and County of San Francisco (CA)
Community Facilities District No. 2014‐1 (Transbay Transit Center)
Special Tax Bonds, Series 2019A (Federally Taxable)
Special Tax Bonds, Series 2019B (Federally Taxable – Green Bonds)
2/5-6/2019Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CA)
Proposition C Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, Senior Bonds Series 2019-A (Green Bonds)
Proposition C Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, Senior Bonds Series 2019-B
1/31/2019Bexar County Hospital District (TX)
Limited Tax Refunding Bonds, Series 2019
1/30-31/2019New York State Housing Finance Agency (NY)
Affordable Housing Revenue Bonds,
2019 Series C Refunding Bonds
1/15-16/2019New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority (NY)
Water and Sewer System Second General Resolution Revenue Bonds
Fiscal 2019 Series DD
1/15/2019City of Atlanta (GA)
Water and Wastewater Environmental Impact
Subordinate Lien Revenue Bonds, Series 2018D
1/8/2019Board of Regents of the Texas A&M University System
$60,845,000* Revenue Financing System Bonds, Taxable Series 2019A
$159,110,000* Revenue Financing System Bonds, Series 2019B
Bexar County (TX)
Combination Tax and Revenue Certificates of Obligation, Series 2018
12/6/2018California Municipal Finance Authority
Student Housing Revenue Bonds, Series 2018
(CHF - Riverside I, L.L.C. - UCR Dundee-Glasgow Student Housing Project)
12/6/2018Michigan Finance Authority (MI)
Local Government Loan Program
City of Detroit Distributable State Aid
Fifth Lien and LTGO Financial Recovery Refunding
Local Project Bonds Series 2018D (Federally Taxable)
12/5/2018City of Columbia (SC)
Stormwater System Revenue Bonds
Series 2018 (Green Bonds)
12/5/2018City of Chicago, Chicago O’Hare International Airport (IL)
General Airport Senior Lien Revenue and Revenue Refunding Bonds,
Series 2018A, Refunding (AMT), Series 2018B (Non-AMT),
& Series 2018C (Taxable)
12/5/2018California Municipal Finance Authority
Student Housing Revenue Bonds, Series 2018
(CHF–Davis I, L.L.C. — West Village Student Housing Project)
12/4/2018The County of Nassau (FL)
General Obligations
Tax Anticipation Notes, 2018 Series A & B,
Bond Anticipation Notes, 2018 Series B & C,
& Revenue Anticipation Notes, 2019 Series A
12/4/2018City of Detroit (MI)
UTGO, Series 2018
11/29/2018City Of Detroit Downtown Development Authority (MI)
Tax Increment Revenue Refunding Bond (Development Project), Series 2018A
Subordinate General Tax Increment Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2018B
11/28/2018Miami-Dade County Industrial Development Authority (FL)
Series 2018 (Waste Management Inc. Project)
11/20/2018Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development (PA)
City Service Agreement Revenue Bonds (Rebuild Project) Series 2018
11/20/2018North Carolina Turnpike Authority (NC)
Triangle Expressway System Senior lien Turnpike Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2018
11/15/2018New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (NY)
State Clean Water and Drinking Water Revolving Funds Revenue Bonds
(New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority Projects – Second Resolution Bonds)
Series 2018 B Subordinate SRF Bonds
11/15/2018Mississippi Development Bank (MS)
Special Obligation Bonds, Series 2018
(Jackson Public School District General Obligation Bond Project)
11/15/2018San Mateo County Joint Powers Financing Authority (CA)
$205,130,000 Lease Revenue Bonds (Capital Projects), 2018 Series A
$52,745,000 Lease Revenue Bonds, (Forward Refunding), 2019 Series A
11/5/2018New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority
State Contract Refunding Bonds
2018 Series A