Siebert Cisneros Shank has an unsurpassed sales and distribution network. Our goal is to achieve the lowest cost of capital possible for our issuer clients by presenting terms that are attractive to investors and creating broad support for each offering.

Municipal Sales & Trading

We are able to market bonds of every credit rating to suitable institutional and retail investors. Blending retail with our institutional distribution into a unified marketing plan enables us to market securities at attractive interest rates in all market conditions, often achieving interest rate savings that significantly exceed what other firms can accomplish.

We service the largest institutional purchasers of tax-exempt and taxable issues, which include mutual funds, insurance companies, corporations, trust departments and investment advisors. In addition, we significantly broaden our distribution beyond the major institutional market through our well-established relationships with a large and expanding second- and third-tier institutional investor base. Our sales team has long focused energy on cultivating relationships with and servicing these second-tier and third-tier institutional buyers who—because they are midsize buyers and do not have the same buying power as large bond funds and insurance companies—are often under-serviced by the bulge bracket Wall Street firms. In many instances when larger firms have run into market resistance on tough-to-sell issues, our sales team has been able to rely on these second-tier and third-tier buyers to purchase unsold balances.

Equity Trading

Siebert Cisneros Shank’s institutional equity trading group trades on an agency only basis for institutions, corporations, and government agencies. The professionals on our team have on average over 25 years of trading experience.

  • Utilization of FlexTrade’s Color Palette FIX compliant order routing and trade management system with live connectivity to OASYS
  • A robust suite of electronic and algorithmic trading tools—smart router technology, dark pools, floor routers
  • Sponsored Broker on both BIDS and Liquidnet, which enables our institutional clients to source natural liquidity and meet client mandates
  • Utilization of algorithmic strategies to meet or beat client established benchmarks
  • Experienced trading under 10b-18
  • Proficiency in managing 10b5-1 trading plans over long engagement periods that has resulted in additional rotations
  • Pre and Post trade analysis
  • Program trading capabilities
  • Depth of market structure knowledge
  • Commission recapture
  • White label algorithmic capabilities through algorithmic partners
  • Clearance through National Financial Services on a fully disclosed basis

Fixed-income Trading

Siebert Cisneros Shank has a fully integrated sales and trading platform for an extensive array of products, including corporate bonds, agencies, hybrid capital securities, mortgage-backed, and asset-backed securities. We are an authorized underwriter and distributor of senior debt and discount notes for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Siebert’s account base consists of over 500 institutional investors, emphasizing middle markets, state and municipal pension systems, and emerging money managers. Our experienced sales and trading team has on average over 20 years’ experience covering the fixed income markets.

Through our capital markets group, we have access to over 100 of the largest corporate debt issuers in the country. This access gives us the opportunity to solicit and facilitate reverse inquiries and re-openings of existing debt issues and specialized structures, and frequently participate as co-managers in their senior debt offerings.