Victor Miramontes

Victor Miramontes is an equity owner of Siebert Cisneros Shank. He is also Vice Chairman and a founding partner of CityView. He was responsible for the CityView’s initial conceptualization, formation, funding and start of operations. Mr. Miramontes is a member of the CityView board of directors, chairs the audit committee and serves on the investment committee of the company’s various funds. He is currently charged with expanding CityView’s investor base and servicing current clients.

Immediately prior to his teaming up with Mr. Cisneros in 2000 to form American CityVista and then CityView, Mr. Miramontes was the CEO of the North American Development Bank, an international development bank (“NADB”). NADB provides key infrastructure including water, wastewater treatment, transportation and energy projects in US and Mexican border urban communities. He was the newly formed institution’s first employee in 1994 and was responsible for the bank’s initial operations, policy formation, capitalization, programs and projects. Policies and programs initiated by Mr. Miramontes have provided billions in new investments and continue to provide project funding, critical system management assistance and training for key border utility professionals.

Prior to his tenure at the NADB, Mr. Miramontes has worked with multiple institutions focusing primarily on the establishment of new projects, divisions and business ventures. Prior to Mr. Cisneros’ departure from San Antonio to become the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Mr. Miramontes and Mr. Cisneros had established Cisneros Asset Management Company, an institutional fixed income money management company. In addition, he has worked with La Quinta Motor Inns, Paine Webber, Laredo National Bank and Wells Fargo Bank in project development/finance, corporate money management and municipal finance.

Throughout his career he has served on civic boards, focusing on each institution’s strategic vision, efficient operations and proper governance. He served on many boards, including as the Chairman of the Alamo Public Telecommunications Council and the Vice-Chairman of the San Antonio Water System during critical and successful reorganizations.

His education includes a J.D. from Stanford Law School, a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree with honors in economics from Stanford University.