Municipal Fixed Income Sales & Trading

Siebert Williams Shank is able to market bonds of every credit rating to suitable institutional and retail investors. Blending retail with our institutional distribution into a unified marketing plan enables us to market securities at attractive interest rates in all market conditions, often achieving interest rate savings that significantly exceed what other firms can accomplish.

We service the largest institutional purchasers of tax-exempt and taxable issues, which include mutual funds, insurance companies, corporations, trust departments and investment advisors. In addition, we significantly broaden our distribution beyond the major institutional market through our well-established relationships with a large and expanding second- and third-tier institutional investor base. Our sales team has long focused energy on cultivating relationships with and servicing these second-tier and third-tier institutional buyers who—because they are midsize buyers and do not have the same buying power as large bond funds and insurance companies—are often under-serviced by the bulge bracket Wall Street firms. In many instances, when larger firms have run into market resistance on tough-to-sell issues, our sales team has been able to rely on these second-tier and third-tier buyers to purchase unsold balances.