Current & Upcoming Transactions

Pricing Date* Deal Description Par Amount*SBS
2/22/2018Washington Convention and Sports Authority (DC)
Senior Lien Dedicated Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds,
Series 2018A (Tax-Exempt) and 2018B (Federally Taxable)
2/21-22/2018California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (CA)
Clean Water State Revolving Fund Revenue Bonds
2/15/2018Ravenswood City School District (CA)
General Obligation Bonds, Election of 2016, Series 2018
$10,000,000Sole MgrView
2/1/2018The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
Consolidated Bonds
$688,615,000 Two Hundred Seventh Series (AMT)
$154,805,000 Two Hundred Eighth Series (Federally Taxable)
1/24/2018Massachusetts School Building Authority
Subordinated Dedicated Sales Tax Bonds, Series 2018 A
1/23-24/2018Sales Tax Securitization Corporation (IL)
Sales Tax Securitization Bonds,Series 2018A & B
1/23/2018Fort Bend County (TX)
Unlimited Tax Road and Refunding Bonds, Series 2018
1/9/2018Sales Tax Securitization Corporation (IL)
Sales Tax Securitization Bonds, Series 2018A
12/28/2017The State of Wisconsin
General Obligation Refunding Bonds of 2017, Series 3
12/21/2017County of Nassau (NY)
General Obligations
General Improvement Bonds, 2017 Series C
12/20/2017Railsplitter Tobacco Settlement Authority (IL)
Tobacco Settlement Revenue Bonds, Series 2017
12/19/2017Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Banks (IN)
PILOT Infrastructure Project Refunding Bonds Series 2017C
12/14/2017City of Philadelphia (PA)
$140,855,000* Airport Revenue and Refunding Bonds, Series 2017A (Non-AMT)
$580,175,000* Airport Revenue and Refunding Bonds, 2017B (AMT)

* Preliminary; subject to change