Current & Upcoming Transactions

Pricing Date* Deal Description Par Amount*SBS
Corp or
3/22/2018Alameda County Joint Powers Authority (CA)
Taxable Lease Revenue Bonds
Series 2018
SEC-registered 3-part senior notes
$ tbdCoMgrcorp
3/14/2018National Vision
Follow On Offering
$ tbdSelling Grpcorp
3/12-14/2018New York City Transitional Finance Authority
Building Aid Revenue Bonds
$500,000,000* Fiscal 2018 Series S-3
$500,920,000* Fiscal 2018 Series S-4, Subseries S-4A
3/12/2018University of Connecticut
Special Obligation Student Fee
Revenue Series 2018A Bonds
3/8/2018City of San Diego (CA)
Tobacco Settlement Revenue Funding Corporation
$69,780,000* Tobacco Settlement Bonds, Series 2018A (Senior) (Federally Taxable)
$2,190,000* Tobacco Settlement Bonds, Series 2018B (Subordinate) (Federally Taxable)
$25,060,000* Tobacco Settlement Bonds, Series 2018C (Subordinate
3/7/2018City of Arlington (TX)
Senior Lien Special Tax Revenue Bonds
Series 2018A, Taxable Series 2018B and
Subordinate Lien Special Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2018C
3/6/2018Clear Creek Independent School District (TX)
Unlimited Tax School Building Bonds, Series 2018
3/1/2018City of Houston (TX)
Airport System Subordinate Lien
Revenue and Refunding Bonds,
Series 2018A (AMT) & Series 2018B (Non-AMT)
2/28-3/1/2018New York State Thruway Authority (NY)
General Revenue Refunding Bonds
Series L
2/28/2018Ford Motor Credit Co LLC
Rating: Baa2/BBB/BBB
Description: SEC registered 3y fixed and/or FRN due 4/5/21
$750,000,000Selling Groupcorp
2/28/2018Southern California Edison
Rating: Aa3/A/A+ (s/s/n)
Description: SEC registered 3-part FMB's (3y due 3/1/21, 10y due 3/1/28 and 30y due 3/1/48)
2/26-27/2018State of New York Mortgage Agency
Homeowner Mortgage Revenue Bonds
$85,045,000* Series 208 Fixed Rate Bonds (Non-AMT)
$41,990,000* Series 209 Fixed Rate Bonds (AMT)
2/22/2018Washington Convention and Sports Authority (DC)
Senior Lien Dedicated Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds,
Series 2018A (Tax-Exempt) and 2018B (Federally Taxable)
2-22-2018Illinois Finance Authority, The University of Chicago
$114,500,000* Revenue Bonds, Series 2018A
$50,000,000* Taxable Revenue Bonds, Series 2018B
2/21-22/2018California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (CA)
Clean Water State Revolving Fund Revenue Bonds
2/15/2018Ravenswood City School District (CA)
General Obligation Bonds, Election of 2016, Series 2018
$10,000,000Sole MgrmuniView
2/1/2018The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
Consolidated Bonds
$688,615,000 Two Hundred Seventh Series (AMT)
$154,805,000 Two Hundred Eighth Series (Federally Taxable)
1/24/2018Massachusetts School Building Authority
Subordinated Dedicated Sales Tax Bonds, Series 2018 A
1/23-24/2018Sales Tax Securitization Corporation (IL)
Sales Tax Securitization Bonds,Series 2018A & B

* Preliminary; subject to change